Job offers


CORSE has several opened post-doctoral positions. We are interested in hiring students who have expertise and interest in working in one of the following areas:

  • Performance (time and/or energy) optimisation (compiler and/or runtime). We have special interest in working on optimisation for pattern-specific applications (affine, sparse/dense linear algebra, convolutions, etc.)
  • Architecture (cpu, cache, memory) simulation (performance/functional) and modelling (performance/functional). We have special interest in the development of :
    • automatic generation of cycle-approximate hardware simulators (using reverse engineering)
    • transaction concolic simulation for checking robustness of software (counter measure, etc.)
  • Hybrid (static/dynamic) analysis for code characterisation. We have special interest in:
    • automatic derivation of data movement complexity (I/O complexity) of programs
    • combining sensitivity and static analysis to pinpoint performance bottleneck


CORSE is interested in hiring people with the following expertise:

  • Low-level compiler technology (binary translation/instrumentation/disassembling)
  • Compiler development (LLVM, GCC, etc.)
  • Fast emulation (QEMU) or instrumentation frameworks (PIN, DynamoRio, Valgrind, etc.)
  • Polyhedral framework (ISL)
  • Operational Research (e.g. Gurobi)


No PhD offers available for the moment


No internship offers available for the moment

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