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Industrial partners

Kalray (Benoit Dupont-de-Dinechin)

Common subjects: fully serialized low level intermediate representation (Tirex), back-end loop optimizations (generalized register tiling and software pipelining), scheduling and placement for data-flow languages

  • Several contracts : ManyCoreLabs, Tirex, ES3CAP,…
  • Website

STMicroelectronics (Christophe Guillon, Francois-de-Ferrière)

Common subjects: advanced profiling feedback for iterative compilation, MPSoC debugging

  • Part of the Nano2017 PSAIC projet


CAMUS team (Alain Ketterlin, Philippe Clauss)

Common subjects: hybrid compilation (dynamic/static analysis and code cloning)

  • Part of the Inria Project Lab MULTICORE, and Nano2017 PSAIC project
  • One year visit of Alain Ketterlin, several other long term visits
  • Website


Ohio State University (P. Sadayappan) & Colorado State University (Louis-Noël Pouchet)

Common subjects: loop transformations (generalized register tiling and vectorization), advanced profiling feedback, automatic computation (using profiling and shadow memory or static analysis) of the IO complexity of a specific execution instance of a program,

  • Part of the IOComplexity Inria associate team
  • Many long period (>1 month) visits
  • Co-advising of several PhD thesis
  • Many joint papers (TACO, SPAA, PLDI, POPL, PPoPP,…)
  • Website


Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG, Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira)

Common subjects: SSI form, code cloning, advanced profiling feedback, and pointer disambiguation

  • Applied for Inria associate teams grant
  • Multiple visits
  • Co-advising Diogo Sampaio’s PhD thesis
  • Several joint papers (SCOPES, CC, OOPSLA)
  • Website