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ES3CAP (2015-2017)

The main ambition of the ES3CAP project is to develop a software stack both for multi- and many-cores platforms that target the market of critical systems. One of the main objective is to provide software solutions that will allow existing critical systems to scale, providing high performance, real-time constraints, reliablility, and security. Targeted markets include aviation and drone industry, defense, and autonomous driving.  The projects plans to prototype its solutions on the Kalray manycore architecture.

Back-end industrial partners include Renault-Nissan and EasyMile for the automotive sector, in addition to Safran E&D and MBDA for the aviation and defense sectors. Other partners include: ANSYS / Esterel Technologies (tools), Krono-Safe (software reliability and real-time constraints), Prove & Run (security of operating system), Kalray (software/hardware platform MPPA), Prophesee (bio-inspired sensors and AI), IROC Tech (hardware reliability and security). Academic partners are Inria and CEA.



Nano2017 PSAIC (2015-2017)

The PSAIC project concerns the automation of program optimization through the combination of several tools and techniques such as: compiler optimization, profiling, trace analysis, and iterative optimization. For any given application, the objective is to devise through a fully automated process a compiler profile optimized for performance and code size. For this purpose, we are developing instrumentation techniques that can be focused and specialized to a specific part of the application aimed to be monitored. One of the goals is to gain order of magnitudes in the profiling overhead and analysis cost. To this end, we propose to develop: 1. a new adaptative monitoring technique; 2. a hybrid behavior analysis; 3. extensions of hybrid compilation techniques (with region cloning). Developments will be integrated in ATOS auto-tuning tool, GCC and LLVM compiler.