Yannis Papakonstantinou: “SQL in accessing and cleaning semistructured data”

Yannis Papakonstantinou will present his work on September 21th at 2:30PM.

It will be online at https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/98523306322?pwd=dE1pRjg2SXRSb1F1cFYvWlZGSHZmUT09



SQL in accessing and cleaning semistructured data



A key step in the democratization of analytics is the democratization of Extract Load Transform (ELT). Democratization depends on SQL as SQL is the most well-known, declarative language. Indeed, SQL adoption increases in areas that were not considered the traditional domain of SQL a new class of users, often called analytics engineers, are enabled to SQL their way into areas that were previously inaccessible to them. However, further adoption requires the resolution of additional technical problems. We survey present advances and discuss open problems in (a) querying and transforming semistructured data with SQL and (b) SQL materialized views as a mechanism for deriving clean data.



Yannis Papakonstantinou is an architect in  query processing & ETL at Databricks. Yannis is also Professor (on  leave) of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of  California, San Diego. His R&D work is on query processing with  focus on querying semistructured data. He has published over one hundred  twenty research articles that have received over 18,000 citations. He  has given multiple tutorials and invited talks, has served on journal  editorial boards and has chaired and participated in program committees  for many international conferences and workshops.  Yannis  was a Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon Web Services from 2018-2021  and was a consultant for AWS since 2016. He was the CEO and Chief  Scientist of Enosys Software, which built and commercialized an early  Enterprise Information Integration platform for structured and  semistructured data. The Enosys Software was OEM’d and sold under the  BEA Liquid Data and BEA Aqualogic brand names, eventually acquired in  2003 by BEA Systems.  Yannis  holds a Diploma of Electrical Engineering from the National Technical  University of Athens, MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford  University (1997).

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