Yannis Papakonstantinou: The SQL++ Query Language: Support for native JSON, while backwards-compatible with SQL

Yannis Papakonstantinou will give a talk this Monday at 11 am, Turing Building, Flowers room. Title: The SQL++ Query Language: Support for native JSON, while backwards-compatible with SQL Speaker: Yannis Papakonstantinou, Prof. Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD www.db.ucsd.edu/people/yannis.htm Abstract: SQL-on-Hadoop, NewSQL and NoSQL databases provide semi-structured data models (typically JSON-based).

Stanislav Kikot and Roman Kontchakov: “Ontology-based data access via query rewriting: theory and practice”

Stanislav Kikot and Roman Kontchakov from Birbeck College, London, will give a talk on Friday 25, 10 am, at Thomas Flowers room, Turing building. Abstract: The talk consists of two parts. In the first part, we present our recent theoretical results on the computational complexity of answering OWL 2 QL ontology-mediated queries (OMQs)

Rakuten at Cedar Seminar next Thursday

Martin Rezk and Laurent Ach from Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris will give a talk on Thursday, October 6, at Inria Turing Building, Salle Thomas Flowers. Rakuten is a Japanese company and one of the world’s leading Internet service companies providing e-commerce, financial and digital content services. PriceMinister, Viber, Kobo, for

Victor Vianu: Analysis of Data-Centric Workflows

When: Friday, July 26th, at 2PM Where: Turing building, room Flowers Abstract: Software systems centered around databases have become pervasive in a wide variety of applications, including health-care management, e-commerce, business processes, scientific workflows, and e-government. Such applications support complex workflows involving numerous interacting actors, whence the critical need for various analysis