Qi Fan: Multi-Objective Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Environments

Qi Fan, a new PhD student in our team, will present her published work at IEEE Access, the 17th January at 11am in Thomas Flowers room of Turing Building.

Title: Multi-Objective Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud Environments
The technology of the mobile cloud computing aims to extend the resource capacity
and computing capability of mobile devices. It is convenient for mobile users to obtain
computing resources according to their demands. In this environment, a set of tasks
generated by mobile devices could be scheduled to the proper resource providers in
terms of the requirements of various mobile users. However, when the number of tasks
and service providers increases, computing cost rises as well. In addition, the total
completion time could be influenced by the selection of cloud resources with various
processing capability. Thus, it is quite significant to consider how to optimize the task
scheduling while satisfying different demands of users.

This keynote talk

  1. presents the multi-objective task scheduling model in mobile cloud,
  2. introduces both unconstrained and time deadline constrained cases in order to show
    the proposed algorithm clearly,
  3. discusses how to address the multi-objective optimization problem and how to deal
    with the deadline constraint while scheduling tasks,
  4. presents the performance evaluation and concludes with future directions.

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