Diego Calvanese: Data and Processes: Can we Marry Them … and Make the Marriage Last?

When: Friday, March 18, at 14:30
Where: Turing building, room Gilles Kahn
Abstract: Data an processes are just two sides of the same coin, and for several activities related to the analysis and design of systems it is essential to capture both static and dynamic aspects in a uniform way. In recent years, we have seen various proposals that aim at marrying these two aspects, and that consider both the process controlling the dynamics and the manipulation of data as equally central. We present Data-centric dynamic systems (DCDSs), which are a pristine model that abstracts from specific features of concrete formalisms
proposed in the literature. We discuss recent results on decidadibility of verification of expressive (first-order) temporal properties over such systems. We also present some variations and extensions of the model that make it attractive both as a theoretical tool and for concrete realizations.

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