Damien Graux: Taking the best of two worlds? Semantic Web and analytics with SANSA

Damien Graux will give a seminar Monday 15th July at 2pm in Thomas Flowers room at the Turing building.

Title: Taking the best of two worlds? Semantic Web and analytics with

In recent years, Semantic Web has become an acknowledged format for data
consumption, publication, conversion, and exchange, with openly established
standards and protocols. These activities and interests have resulted in an
unprecedented increase in both, size and number of Knowledge Graphs (KG).
Concurrently, KGs are being increasingly adopted as a major format for
integrating heterogeneous data sources. Unfortunately, this integration is
challenged by the multitude of data storage systems, each with their
respective formats and querying languages, making it cumbersome to perform
data integration. Therefore, there is a strong need for a unified framework
that is scalable, KG-oriented, resilient, and is compatible with the
existing SW stack e.g. provides RDF representation, querying, inference,
analytics, together with abilities to ingest and query heterogeneous data

During this talk, I will present the Scalable Semantic Analytics Stack
(SANSA) [1]: an open-source solution that combines RDF processing and
heterogeneous data integration together with distributed analytics. SANSA
is a library built on top of Apache Spark and it offers several APIs
tackling various facets of scalable KG processing. I will cover the various
layer cake of the SANSA while providing some practical cases where it has
been used. Moreover, I will give slight hands-on sessions via
easy-to-install Notebooks.

Damien Graux [2] is a senior researcher in the “Enterprise Information
Systems” department at Fraunhofer IAIS and in the “Smart Data Analytics”
group [3] at the University of Bonn. In 2016, Damien received his Ph.D.
from the University of Grenoble (France). Before joining Fraunhofer, Damien
contributed to research efforts in Semantic Web technologies at the INRIA
(France) where he mainly focused on distributed query evaluation and on
designing complex data transformation pipelines. Currently, he is working
on his main research topics while also being involved in several
international projects at Fraunhofer.

[1] http://sansa-stack.net/ ; https://github.com/SANSA-Stack/
[2] https://dgraux.github.io/
[3] http://sda.tech/

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