Angelos Anadiotis: Fine-grained elasticity for scale-up OLTP systems

Angelos Anadiotis will give a seminar Thursday 18th April at 11am in Thomas Flowers room at the Turing building.

Title: “Fine-grained elasticity for scale-up OLTP systems”

Abstract: Workload variations are currently the norm, rather than the exception, in transactional engines. As a result, several transactional database engines have migrated to the cloud, to leverage elastic resource provisioning and adapt their resource allocation to the workload requirements at each point of time. Elasticity in these engines is typically realized by scaling out/in the engine. Depending on the concurrency control protocol that these engines rely on, this might incur significant overheads, either due to repartitioning or due to distributed transaction coordination protocol, or both. On the other hand, most transactional workloads today can conveniently fit inside the main memory of a single multi-socket, multi-core server. This talk will focus on the scope, the requirements, and the benefits of elastic scale-up transactional database engines. Moreover, it will provide the end-to-end architecture of our prototype system which introduces novel components throughout the whole virtualization software stack. Finally, it will highlight use cases where scale-up elasticity is beneficial for cloud-hosted transactional database engines.

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