Mario Ricchiuto


Senior Research scientist,

leader of the team CARDAMOM

Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest research center,

200 av. de la vieille Tour,  33405 Talence cedex – FRANCE

@ : mario.ricchiuto @




high order discretizations on unstructured grids and grid adaptation

PDE modelling and interactions PDE-numerics

free surface waves and wave energy devices

compressible flows

self healing composite materials



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Editorial boards:

         Computers & Fluids (Elsevier, 2015-present)

         Water Waves – An interdisciplinary journal (Springer, 2018-present)

                   GEM – International Journal on Geomathematics (Springer, 2016-2018)

Recent events (co-)organized:

                   HYWEC2 workshop 2019

HYWEC workshop 2017

TANDEM Tsunami school 2016

B’WAVES 2016

B’WAVES 2014 

Inria main contact in the ANR VISCAP (2018-2021)

Coordinator of the EU-OceanERANET project MIDWEST(2015-2019)

PI of  the Inria Associated Team HAMSTER with Duke University (2017-2019)

Inria main contact in the PIA TANDEM (2014-2018)


National and Local responsibilities 

Membre (élu) de la Commission d’Evaluation Inria

Membre du comité de pilotage de l’accord cadre EDF/Inria

Membre du BCP Inria BSO (Responsable Axe 1, Modélisation et Simulation HPC)

Membre (suppléant) du comité de centre Inria BSO


Mirco Ciallella (co-supervision with R. Paciorri and  A. Bonfiglioli) : bridging shock fitting and embedded methods to handle shock waves in hyperbolic systems. PhD started in  October 2019, funded by Inria (Cordi-S)

Giulia Bellezza (co-supervision with G. Vignoles) : multi scale modelling for self-healing composite materials. PhD started in  February 2019, funded by the ANR VISCAP

Sixtine Michel: shallow water simulations with immersed higher order residual methods on adaptive meshes. PhD started in  November 2018, co-funded by Inria and Region Nouvelle Aquitaine

Umberto Bosi: depth averaged spectral element modelling of wave-structure interaction, PhD defended in June 2019 (co-supervision with A.P. Engsig-Karup and C. Eskilsson). Related projects/publications: Ocean ERANET MIDWEST, CMAME paper, ICCE 2018 paper, EWTEC 2015 paper

Luca Arpaia, PhD defended in September 2017 (co-supervision with P. Bonneton)  : ALE residual distribution and finite volumes and adaptive mesh movement on the sphere for tsunami simulations. Currently permanent research staff at BRGM in Orléans. Related projects/publications: J.Sci.Comp. Paper, Computers&Fluids Paper, Estuarine Coast.&Shelf Sci. paper, Eur.J.Mech. B/Fluids paper,  PIA TANDEM

Andrea Gilberto Filippini, PhD defended in December 2016 (co-supervision with P. Bonneton): unstructured mesh depth averaged numerical modelling of non-hydrostatic free surface flows. Currently permanent research staff at BRGM in Orléans. Related projects/publications: PhD manuscript, JCP paper1, Coast.Eng. paperJCP paper2Estuarine Coast.&Shelf Sci. paper, Eur.J.Mech. B/Fluids paper, Eur.J.Mech. B/Fluids paper2,  PIA TANDEM

Leo Nouveau, PhD defended in December 2016 (co-supervision with H. Beaugendre and C. Dobrzynski): adaptive unstructured grid immersed boundary methods for compressible flow-rigid body interaction.  Currently Maître de Conférences at INSA Rennes. Related projects/publications: PhD manuscript, CMAME paperHAMSTER associated team

Stevan Bellec, PhD defended in October 2016 (co-supervision with M. Colin) : discrete asymptotic modelling of non-hydrostatic free surface flows. Related projects/publications:  PhD manuscript, Coast.Eng. paper, SINUM paper

Gregory Perrot, PhD defended in December 2015 (co-supervision with G. Vignoles) : numerical modelling of the healing mechanism in self healing ceramic matrix composites. Currently developer at BOA Concept. Related projects/publications: PhD manuscriptCeramic Eng. & Sci. Proc.s paperANR project VISCAP

Stefano D’angelo, PhD defended in March 2015 at VKI/ULB (co-supervision with H. Deconinck) : Adjoint-based error estimation for adaptive Petrov-Galerkin finite element methods with application to inviscid compressible flows. Currently risk modeller at  CREDO consulting. Related projects/publications:  VKI Lecture SeriesNNFM chapter, EU IDIHOM project

Damien Genet, PhD defended in December 2014 (co-supervision with A. Guermouche) : design of a highly parallel finite element platform for fluid dynamics. Currently research scientist the University of Tennessee in the Innovative Computing Lab. Related projects/publications: PhD manuscriptESAIM Proc. paperAEROSOL

Dante DeSantis, PhD defended in December 2013 (co-supervision with R. Abgrall) : development of high order residual distribution schemes for RANS models. PhD manuscriptSISC paperIJNMF paperICCFD7 proc. Currently research and application CFD engineer at NRG in the Netherlands