Error controlled treatment of embedded/immersed fronts


We consider the numerical simulation of flows involving complex geometries, as well as the evolution of complex  nonlinear fronts. Applications can be found in several  domains wing icing, atmospheric re-entry, natural hazards, etc.

Our aim is to be able to construct numerical methods allowing a flexible approximation in terms of both the underlying  discretization technique  (finite volume, finite elements, residual distribution, and finite differences), and of the meshing strategy (Cartesian, unstructured, adapted or not).

We thus consider the construction of error controlled approaches to solve complex PDEs on unfitted meshes. The challenge is to represent (possibly nonlinear) relations formulated on a certain boundary or front, on a discrete/surrogate boundary composed of mesh faces. Error control is achieved either by  of appropriate   sub-grid models allowing to correct for  both geometrical and physical  approximations. These sub-grid approximations may or may not be combined with mesh adaptation to further enhance the discrete resolution.




Methods and examples

Immersed boundaries 

Embedded approaches with high order correction (SBM)


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