Biovision seminar: M. Sobieszczanski

June 10, 2016: Marcin Sobieszczanski (University Nice Sophia Antipolis) will give us a talk entitled: “Essay of a perceptive ecology and design of immersive media” (14h30, room Byron beige)

The environmental approach of the media implies a multitude of searches where theory, experimentation, modelling and engineering (media design), but also observation and stimulation of social practices in situ, coexist. We attempt here an overall epistemological perspective that can bring together numerous multidisciplinary results and make them coherent not only in the light of their relevance but also of their participation in the intelligibility of the feedback that goes all around the fields of perception, action and production of cultural objects. To do it we present a reinterpretation of “epistemo-praxeology” of Robert Vallée[1], in terms of three perspectives: circularity perception/action, circularity perception/perceptive action and transitivity perception/cultural creation. The session will be completed by the draft prototype “Look!”, where we will examine the cognitive impacts of “natural editing” of the flow of video monitoring in urban public space.

[1] Vallée, R., 1995, Cognition et système. Essai d’épistémo-praxéologie, L’Interdisciplinaire, Limonest ; Rosen, R., 1978, Fundamentals of Measurement and Representation of Natural Systems, Elsevier

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