Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée

Biovision team is located in Sophia Antipolis in South of France, between Nice and Cannes.

Human vision understanding

Our goal is to better understand human vision through joint experimental and modelling studies

Modelling and analysis

Vision-aid systems for visually impaired patients

Our goal is to develop new efficient video processing techniques and integrate them into Virtual Reality headsets

Software for neuroscientists

Enas is a licence free software for the analysis of spike trains statistics and for the simulation of synthetic spike trains including Virtual Retina

Welcome to Biovision team website

Visual impairment affects some 285 million people in the world, mostly in developed countries: 85% have low vision, i.e., have remaining sight, and 15% are totally blind. It is predicted that the prevalence of visual disabilities will increase markedly during the next 20 years, owing largely to the aging. In this context, the goal of the Biovision team is to investigate new solutions to help vision impaired people, through fundamental research as well as innovative technological developments.

Biovision team started in January 2016. Please check-out our job offers and don't hesitate to contact us!