Team members

Biovision Team, December 2017

Team leader:

  • Bruno Cessac, Inria Research Director, team leader, keywords: Neuronal and retinal modelling, neural population coding, dynamical systems, statistical physics, software development.


  • Pierre Kornprobst, Inria Research Director,  keywords: Visual system modelling, biologically inspired computer vision, computer vision, image processing, variational approaches

Administrative assistant

PhD students

  • Evgenia Kartsaki, PhD student (since Oct. 2017), title: How Specific Classes of Retinal Cells Contribute to Vision: a Computational Model, supervised by Bruno Cessac and Evelyne Sernagor, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Newcastle, England
  • Selma Souihel, PhD student (since Oct. 2016) in collaboration with Institut des Neurosciences de la Timone and Institut de la vision



  • Marco Benzi, (since August 2017)

Business developper

  • Iliann Caugant, (since Sept. 2018)

Former members:

  • Dora Karvouniari, PhD student (Oct. 2014-Mar. 2018) Neuronal and retinal modeling, biophysics, dynamical systems, non-linear physics, bifurcation theory, supervised by Bruno Cessac, in collaboration with Institut de la Vision, Paris, France and Evelyne Sernagor, University of Newcastle
  • Josselin Gautier, Engineer (Aug. 2017-Mar. 2018), now Postdoc at Berkeley.
  • Francois Caddet, Internship (Feb. 2017-Aug. 2017)
  • Alberto Patino, Internship (Sept. 2016-Apr. 2017).
  • Marco Benzi, Internship (June 2016-Dec. 2016), now Engineer in our team
  • Daniela Pamplona, Postdoc (Apr. 2014-Dec. 2016), now Postdoc at ENSTA-ParisTech (Paris, France)
  • N. V. Kartheek Medathati, PhD student (Oct. 2013-Dec. 2016), now Research Engineer at Oculus (Seattle, USA)
  • Audric Drogoul, Postdoc (Oct. 2014-Oct. 2016), now Research Engineer at Thales Alenia Space (Cannes, France)

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