Software developed in the team :


is a software framework for bioprocess control and supervision. It also contains a Scilab-based process simulator which can be harnessed for experimentation and training purposes. ODIN is a distributed platform, enabling remote monitoring of the controlled processes as well as remote data acquisition.It is very modular in order to adapt to any plant and to run most of the algorithms, and it can handle the high level of uncertainties that characterises the biological processes through explicit management of confidence indexes.

Here are some fun applications to discover our research themes and some results :

  • Picture2Bioreactor for microalgaes :

  • coccinelleBiocontrol :

Other software (not developed by the team) :

The Bocop project aims to develop an open-source toolbox for solving optimal control problems, with collaborations with industrial and academic partners.
Optimal control (optimization of dynamical systems governed by differential equations) has numerous applications in transportation, energy, process optimization, and biology.
Bocop is developed in the framework of the Inria-Saclay initiative for an open source optimal control toolbox (2010-2012), and is supported by the Commands team.
Bocop is released under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).

IDEAS is a Matlab®  toolbox for parameter identification of ordinary differential equation (ODE) models.  The parameter estimation is performed in the maximum-likelihood (ML) sense.


The team has develop methods from control theory (feedback control, estimation, identification, optimal control) to better understand, supervise and control the working of the living exploited resources. Bioreactors are an example of such systems, where microorganisms develop and produce a metabolite or consume a pollutant substrate. Optimization of these bioreactors is an important topic of …