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The team has develop methods from control theory (feedback control, estimation, identification, optimal control) to better understand, supervise and control the working of the living exploited resources. Bioreactors are an example of such systems, where microorganisms develop and produce a metabolite or consume a pollutant substrate. Optimization of these bioreactors is an important topic of COMORE that has developed many algorithms such as software sensors, fault detection systems, etc.

Applying these algorithms on real plants is however rarely possible with existing softwares: they do not manage the heterogeneity of the data sources, the high uncertainties, and finally the nonlinear algorithms cannot be correctly implemented.

Over the years, Comore has been developing ODIN, a software framework for bioprocess control and supervision. This C++ application enables researchers and industrials to easily develop and deploy advanced control algorithms through the use of a Scilab interpreter. It also contains a Scilab-based process simulator which can be harnessed for experimentation and training purposes. ODIN is primarily developed in the C++ programming language and uses CORBA to define component interfaces and provide component isolation. ODIN is a distributed platform, enabling remote monitoring of the controlled processes as well as remote data acquisition.It is very modular in order to adapt to any plant and to run most of the algorithms, and it can handle the high level of uncertainties that characterises the biological processes through explicit management of confidence indexes.

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The technology development action ODIN is funded by INRIA. The LBE and LOV are involved in this project.

Odin is currently used in three laboratories and is recently installed in Chile (University Catholica de Valparaiso) :

  • LBE to Narbonne, where it is used to monitor many experiments therefore Algotron (Symbiosis project) where it is connected to more than 20 sensors (4 converters Alto) and 6 actuators.
  • A Pech’Rouge in Narbonne, in experiments on the vinification of wine (to replace Labview software)
  • LOV in Villefranche sur mer for experiments in bioreactors.

The start-up BioEnTech is using Odin in his offer


3 APP deposits have been done for this software. For more information contact us:

Odin Presentation

Odin is discomposed en 3 layers which communicate using CORBA as presented by the following schema: The device layer contains all the bridges of communication with the sensors and actuators. Odin layer does all the work of storage and export of data, algorithms, … Finally, the UI layer is used to display curves, to calibrate …


This report proposes few steps to configure and use Odin. Before use it is necessary to adjust some parameters , either for the ODIN software or for acquisitions used tools. To do this you can use the main window ODIN called FrontEnd . This part of software allows you to configure ODIN , and run …