INRIA institutional page :

BIOCORE is a joint INRIA (Research Unit in Sophia-Antipolis), INRAE (LBE Narbonne) research-team, and LOV (Oceanographic Laboratory of Villefranche sur mer) CNRS/Sorbonne Université.


The overall goal of BIOCORE is to apply and develop methods from automatic control (modeling, identification, estimation, regulation, optimal control, game theory) and dynamical systems theory to artificial ecosystems.



Research themes :

  • Modeling and control of bioreactors
  • Modeling and monitoring of phytoplankton growth
  • Modeling, monitoring and process control for waste water treatment
  • Bioenergy, lipid production from microalgae
  • Intracellular biochemical models
  • Biology mathematical modeling
  • Software for modelers and biologists

BIOCORE is the successor of  COMORE and part of BIOCORE parted in 2023 to become MACBES