Members of the team

Team leader

Research Scientists

Research Enginners

Phd students

  • Igor Chollet, Supervisors X. Claeys, P. Fortin, and L. Grigori
  • Thibault Cimic, Supervisor L. Grigori
  • Zakariae Jorti, Supervisor L. Grigori
  • Pierre Marchand, Supervisors X. Claeys and  F. Nataf
  • Van Thanh Nguyen, Supervisor L. Grigori
  • Sebastien Cayrols, Supervisor L. Grigori – funding Maison de la simulation
  • O. Tissot, Supervisor L. Grigori – funding NLAFET

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Jan Papez, Inria

Former Phd students

  • Hussam Al Daas, December 2018, supervisor L. Grigori
  • Alan Ayala, November 2018, supervisors X. Claeys and L. Grigori
  • Sylvain Auliac, supervisor F. Hecht
  • Takoua Jendoubi, supervisor F. Hecht – funding CEA
  • Pierre Jolivet, supervisor F. Nataf and C. Prud’homme
  • Ryadh Haferssas, supervisor F. Nataf
  • Sophie Moufawad, supervisor L. Grigori
  • Nicole Spillane, supervisors F. Nataf and P. Hauret
  • Pierre-Henri Tournier, supervisors F. Hecht and M. Comte