Team presentation

ALPINES is a joint research group between Inria (Paris) and Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory (Sorbonne University and CNRS), which focuses on scientific computing. Our research work consists in the development of novel parallel numerical algorithms and tools suitable for state-of-the-art mathematical models used in complex and large scale scientific applications, and in particular numerical simulations.

The proposed research program is by nature multi-disciplinary, interweaving aspects of applied mathematics, computer science, as well as those of several specific applications, as  wave propagation in multi-scale media, molecular simulations, astrophysics, and inverse problems.

  • Our first objective is to develop numerical methods and tools for complex scientific and industrial
    applications that are numerically robust and that  enhance their scalable execution on existing and emerging massively parallel machines.
  • Our second objective is to integrate the novel numerical algorithms into a middle-layer that hides as much as possible the complexity of massively parallel machines from the users of these machines.

International and industrial relations

Main International Collaborations:

  • UC Berkely
  • Bar Ilan University, Israel
  • Seminar of Applied Mathematics, ETH Zurich


Main Industrial Collaborations

  • CEA Saclay
  • IFPEN (Institut Francais du Petrole et des Energies Nouvelles)
  • Total