Zenith scientific seminar: Khalid Saleem, “Open Data Analytics – Research Perspectives”, September 19, 11am.

Before leaving our team, Khalid will give a synthetic presentation of his work about open data analytics during his stay, on September 19, at 11am, G.127. Title : Open Data Analytics – Research Perspectives

Title : Open Data Analytics – Research Perspectives

Abstract : According to a survey internet has grown to 98 peta bytes in 2011, comprising of web pages and raw data, with more than 2 billion web users. Although, the web page creation and access have been standardized over the years, the available data lacks such standards. Different terminologies are being used to tag the data; open, big or linked data. The contributed data is categorized as web scale and have a very high degree of format variance, thus making it very difficult to formalize a standard access technique. Based on these atypical data characteristics, data scientists are envisaging a new era of data analytics, requiring better algorithms and applications to deliver in-time benefits from this data.

The presentation explains the scenarios which help in typifying of data available on the web (open, big, linked), in different domains (Government, Science, Enterprise, Society). Secondly, we outline the open data characteristics and present a model framework, signifying the research domains related to open data analytics. The model can help the data scientists and the application developers in devising open data-driven real-time analytical tools. Alongside, examples of open data financial equity will also be highlighted.

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