Postdoc Database Engineer (2019)

Postdoc Database Engineer: query optimization

LeanXcale, Madrid, Spain

  • Career level: PostDoc
  • Keywords: Databases, Storage Engine, Query Engine, Query Optimizer
  • Supervisors: Ricardo Jimenez-Péris (LeanXcale) and Patrick Valduriez (Inria)

LeanXcale is a NewSQL company developing a scalable Hybrid Transactional Analytics Processing (HTAP) DBMS for both OLTP and OLAP workloads.

You will work with the R&D team in one or more of the different subsystems of LeanXcale database (storage engine, transactional engine, SQL query engine). Depending on the candidate background, the focus of the work will be one or more of the following:

  • Extend the query engine with new functionality (introduce support for SQL not yet supported, extend SQL with polyglot capabilities).
  • Work on query optimization (characterize cases where the optimizer does not select the optimal query plan and introduce rules and transformations so the optimizer selects the optimal plan).
  • Work on a new query optimizer using new technology.
  • Improve the functionality of the storage engine.
  • Characterize the performance issues on any of the layers, redesign algorithms, subsystems, etc. in order to solve the performance issue, and validate the new design by means of micro-benchmarking and benchmarking.

Skills and profile:

  • Background in databases, query processing, query optimization, storage engine (either SQL or NoSQL)
  • A Ph.D. in computer science around a database topic (SQL or NoSQL)

Environment, salary, duration: The postdoc will be supervised by LeanXcale and Inria, while being located in the LeanXcale facilities in Madrid, Spain.

Net salary: up to 3300 Euros net/month depending on your experience.

Duration: 1 Year

Starting date: flexible but ideally as soon as possible


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