IBC seminar: Fabio Porto “Simulation Data Management” 1 June 2017

IBC Seminar
Thursday 1 June 2017, 14h, room 1/124, bat. 5 Campus Saint Priest, Montpellier

Simulation Data Management

Fabio Porto

LNCC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Numerical Simulation has attracted the interest of different areas from engineering and biology to astronomy. By using simulations scientists can analyse the behaviour of hard to observe phenomena and practitioners  can test techniques before engaging into dangerous actions, such as brain surgery.  Simulations are CPU intensive applications, normally running in super-computers, such as the Santos_Dumont machine at LNCC. They also produce a huge amount of data, distributed in hundreds of files, and including different structures, such as: a domain discretisation mesh, field values and domain topology information. These data must be integrated
and structured in a way that scientists can easily and efficiently interpret the simulation outcome, using analytical queries or scientific visualization tools. In this talk we will presents the main challenges involved in managing simulation data  and highlight the recent results in this area.

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