WOS – workshop on systems

WOS9: Inria/Interdigital Workshop On Systems, Dec. 5th 2019, at Interdigital

9h15 – Welcome
9h30 – First Session

  • Gilles Muller, Inria. Research problems in thread scheduling for multicore general purpose operating systems.
  • Kevin Huguenin, UNIL-HEC. Towards Usable Checksums: Automating the Integrity Verification of Web Downloads for the Masses.

11h00 – Coffee

11h30 – Networking Session

  • Ulises Olvera-Hernandez, InterDigital. A flat, service-rich edge/access architecture for Beyond 5G.
  • (short) Patrick Maillé, IMT. Neutral and Non-Neutral Countries in a Global Internet: What Does it Imply?
  • (short) Loick Bonniot, InterDigital & IRISA / Inria Rennes. DIAGNET: towards a generic, Internet-scale root cause analysis solution.

13h – Lunch

14h – Machine Learning Session:

  • Nicolas Courty, University of Bretagne Sud. Optimal Transport for structured data with application on graphs.
  • Arsany Guirguis, EPFL. AggregaThor: Byzantine Machine Learning via Robust Gradient Aggregation.

15h30 – Coffee

16h00 – Distributed Computing Session

  • (short) Alex Auvolat, Inria. Merkle Search Trees: Efficient State-Based CRDTs in Open Networks.
  • Adrien Lebre, IMT Atlantique/Inria/LS2N. Inria Project Lab Discovery: Revising OpenStack to operate Fog/Edge infrastructures.


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How to get to Interdigital from the train station in Rennes
  • By bus (approximately 26 minutes) :

Take the subway, line A – J. F. Kennedy – La Poterie.
Get off at the station Rennes – République
Take the bus :
Line 1 – Rennes (République) – Cesson-Sévigné. Get off at Cesson-Sévigné – Champs Blancs.
Line 50 –  Rennes (République) – Thorigné-Fouillard. Get off at Cesson-Sévigné – Château de Vaux.

  • By taxi (approximately 20 minutes)
You can register here:

Organizers: Erwan Le Merrer (Inria), Nicolas Le Scouarnec (Broadpeak), Christoph Neumann (InterDigital), Francois Taiani (Univ Rennes)



WOS8: Workshop On Systems, Dec. 11th 2018

9am Opening SESSION

  • Ovidiu-Cristian Marcu (INRIA) A Unified Ingestion and Storage System for Scalable Big Data Processing
  • Vlad Nitu (EPFL) Welcome to zombieland: practical and energy-efficient memory disaggregation in a datacenter
  • Stéphane Gouache (Technicolor R&I) /Don’t share, Don’t lock: Large-scale Software Connection Tracking with Krononat

11am System SESSION

  • Heverson B. Ribeiro (b-com Institute of Research and Technology) On using micro-clouds to deliver the fog
  • Julia Lawall (INRIA/lip6) Coccinelle: 10 Years of Automated Evolution in the Linux Kernel

1:30pm Architecture SESSION

  • Clémentine Maurice (CNRS) Evolution of microarchitectural attacks
  • André Seznec (IRISA/INRIA)Towards effective hardware implementation of compressed caches

3:30pm Middleware SESSION

  • Timothy Wood (George Washington University) From Pipes to Processors: Building High Performance Network Middleware
  • Pascal Manchon (Blacknut)The challenges of a multi-cloud game streaming service

WOS7: Workshop On Scalable computing, 2017

9h30 The unlabeled SESSION

  • Joris Duguépéroux (INRIA) – Privacy preserving crowdsourcing : Ongoing work and perspectives
  • Olivier Ruas (INRIA) – Fingerprinting BigData
  • Fabien Mathieu (Nokia Bell Labs) – Kleinberg’s Grid Unchained

11h15 Machine learning SESSION

  • Gilles Trédan (LAAS/CNRS) – Log Mining using Natural Language Processing: Application to Anomaly Detection
  • Kevin Scaman (MSR-INRIA Joint Center) – Optimal algorithms for smooth and strongly convex distributed optimization in networks

14h Blockchains SESSION

  • Gilles Fedak (INRIA / iex.ec) – iEx.ec project: Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing
  • Marko Vukolić (IBM Research) – Hyperledger Fabric: a Distributed Operating System for Permissioned Blockchains

16h Distribution at all scales SESSION

  • Jasmina Malicevic (EPFL) – Everything you always wanted to know about multicore graph processing but were afraid to ask
  • Davide Frey (INRIA) – Networks of Browsers: new Challenges for P2P Overlays

WOS6: workshop on big data and analytics, 2017

8h45 Opening SESSION 1
• Pierre Louis Roman, INRIA, Bringing secure Bitcoin transactions to your smartphone.
• Remi Bois, INRIA, Automatic creation of navigation links in multimedia content.
• Bastien Confais, IRCCyN – LINA labs, Which storage system for FoG computing.

45mn talk
• Laurent Mathy, Montefiore Institute, Liège, Next-gen software networking.

SESSION 2 (11-12h30)
• Imad Aad, Swisscom, Switzerland. The non-technical challenges of Privacy.
• Gabriel Antoniu, Inria, Spark versus Flink: Understanding Performance in Big Data Analytics Frameworks.

SESSION 3 (14-15h30)
• Joseph Dureau, SNIPS, Paris, How we build Artificial Intelligence with privacy.
• Pascal Molli, Nantes University. Federated semantic web.

SESSION 4 (16-17h30)
• Peter Triantafillou, University of Glasgow. Towards Intelligent Big Data Infrastructures.
• Esther Pacitti, INRIA & Lirmm, Montpellier. Experiences on Data Management Techniques for Scientific Applications.

20h Dinner at l’Amiral, in Rennes (limited number of seats)

WOS5: workshop on storage and data analytics, November 19th 2016

9h30-11h00 Ph.D. student session (15mn talks)

  • Stéphane Delbruel (INRIA): Towards Tag-Based Georeplicated Content Placement
  • Christopher Humphries (supélec): Security Event Visualisation
  • Anca Iordache(INRIA): Accelerating Clouds with FPGA Virtualization
  • Nupur Mittal (INRIA): Privacy-Conscious Information Diffusion in Social Networks
  • Hamza Ouarnoughi (B<>COM/UBO): A Cost Model for Virtual Machine Storage in Cloud IaaS Context
  • Tien-Dat Phan(INRIA): On Understanding the Energy Impact of Speculative Execution in Hadoop

11h30-13h00 SESSION 1 (45mn talks)

  • Ludovic Denoyer (lip6): Sequential Models for Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin / Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)): Algorithmic challenges in Software-Defined Networks

14h00 – 15h30 SESSION 2

  • Hervé Jégou (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research): Exploiting high dimensionality for similarity search in huge visual collections
  • Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA) Reconciling abstraction and performance in Transactional Memory

16h-17h30 SESSION 3

  • Ioana Manolescu (INRIA): Massively Parallel Architectures for Querying Web Data
  • Willy Zwaenepoel (EPFL): Analytics on Graphs with a Trillion Edges

20h Dinner at The Amiral (city center)

WOS4: workshop on storage and cloud computin, 2015

  • Stéphan Clémençon – Telecom Paristech
  • Aleksandar Dragojevic – Microsoft
  • Patrick Laffitte – Kila Systems
  • Anne-Cécile Orgerie – CNRS/IRISA
  • Etienne Riviere – University of Neuchatel
  • Gael Thomas – UPMC
  • Patrick Valduriez – INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
  • Jon Walkenhorst – Technicolor

WOS3: Third Workshop On Storage and Cloud Computing, 2014

Thursday 21
9:30 Welcome speech by Cristina Gomila, Director of image science & media computing labs
9:45-10:45 Session 1: (25mn+5mn)

  • Scalable data management for scientific applications on clouds, Alexandru Costan (INRIA)
  • Cloud-TM: harnessing the cloud with distributed transactional memories, Paolo Romano (INESC-ID)

11:00-12:45 Session 2: Student talks

  • Resource provisioning for batch applications in heterogeneous clouds, Anca Iordache (INRIA)
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance for Geo-Replicated Systems, Shengyun Liu (Eurecom)
  • Cooperative caching for cloud computing, Maxime Lorrillere (LIP6)
  • On information leaks on GPUs, Clémentine Maurice (Technicolor)
  • Privacy-preserving P2P collaborative filtering, Antoine Rault (INRIA)

14:00-15:30 Session 3:

  • Workload Management of Web-Scale Streaming Services, Christos Gkantsidis (Microsoft Research)
  • Towards Data Center Systems, Edouard Bugnion (EPFL)
  • Hybrid recommendation architecture, Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA)

16:00 – 17:00 Session 4:

  • Compute, storage, network and the workflow challenge from content creation to distribution, Julian Nevell (Technicolor)
  • Generalized Universality, Rachid Guerraoui (EPFL)

17:00 – Free Time for discussions

19:30 Dinner at l’Amiral in Rennes

Friday 22
9:15-10:15 Session 5:

  • Gossip protocols for information dissemination and other tasks, George Giakkoupis (INRIA)
  • Robust hybrid multi-cloud storage, Marko Vukolic (Eurecom)

10:15-11:00 Coffee break around poster session & Demos

  • Anomaly filtering in large scale systems, Romaric Ludinard (Technicolor)
  • Rozo FS: a fault tolerant distributed file system based on the Mojette transform, Benoît Parrein (Polytech Nantes) + a demo
  • Towards a Privacy-Preserving Asymmetric Fingerprinting Scheme Based on Tardos Code, Julien Lolive (IRISA)
  • Private Similarity Computation and P2P Systems, Mohammad Alaggan (INRIA)
  • Demos from Technicolor:
    Dynamic ad insertion
    Movie synchronized summary
    Eye Gazed based Human Profiling

11:00-12:15 Session 6 and Wrap-up:

  • Enforcing declarative data confidentiality and integrity policies in large-scale distributed data processing systems, Peter Druschel (MPI-SWS)
  • Multi-site web search engine, Xiao Bai (Yahoo!)

Buffet for participants

13:30-15:00 Figaro (FP7) workshop, Session 1

  • Future Internet Gateway-based Architecture of Residential netwOrks (FIGARO), Henrik Lundgren (Technicolor)
  • Home Networked Things, Frank den Hartog, (TNO)
  • A Social Content Management in the Home Ecosystem, Claudio Casetti, (Politecnico di Torino)

15:15 — 16:30 Figaro Session 2

  • Gateway-based Monitoring, Henrik Lundgren (Technicolor)
  • Multipath Video Delivery to the Home with HAS over MPTCP, Luis Montalvo, Stéphane Gouache (Technicolor)

WOS2: The Second Workshop On Storage, 2013

9:30-10:50 Session 1 (short talks)

  • Backup based on coded data and metadata in the cloud, Thomas Mager (Eurecom)
  • Efficient deduplication for cluster-based storage systems, Kostas Kloudas (INRIA)
  • Efficient maintenance framework for storage systems, Alex Van Kempen (Technicolor)

11:00-12:20 Session 2:

  • CamCube – Rethinking the Data Center Cluster, Paolo Costa (Imperial College)
  • Rhea: automatic filtering for unstructured cloud storage, Dushyanth Narayanan (Microsoft Research)

14:00-16:00 Session 3:

  • Challenges in Digital Services Delivery: The Cloud vs. The Crowd, Christophe Diot (Technicolor)
  • Bipartite Graph Structures for Efficient Balancing of Heterogeneous Loads, Laurent Massoulié (INRIA)
  • Design and Analysis of Networks of Caches, Jim Kurose (University of Massachusetts)

16:15 – 17:35 Session 4:

  • Geo replication all the way to the edge, Marc Shapiro (INRIA)
  • Cloud storage security, Christian Cachin (IBM) [slides]

WOS1: workshop on distributed storage technologies, 2012

Session 1: P2P Distributed Backup and Sharing

  • The Wuala file sharing and backup system, Thomas Mager (EURECOM)
  • Efficient P2P backup through buffering at the edge, Alex Van Kempen (Technicolor)
  • Performance Analysis of P2P Storage Systems, Remigiusz Modrzejewski (INRIA)

Session 2: Coding for Storage Systems

  • Overview of Regenerating Codes, Nicolas Le Scouarnec (Technicolor)
  • Exact Regenerating Codes on Hierarchical Codes, Ernst Biersack (EURECOM)

Session 3: Managing redundancy in distributed systems

  • Exploiting Rateless Coding in Structured Overlays to Achieve Data Persistence, Emmanuelle Anceaume (CNRS)
  • Availability-based methods for distributed storage, Erwan Le Merrer (Technicolor)

Session 4: Managing User Data and Enabling Sharing

  • Distributed Content Sharing and Backup using Social Information, Jin Jiang (Polytechnico di Torino)
  • Pretty Private Group Management, Olivier Heen (Technicolor)
  • Home Networking as a Distributed File System View, Serge Defrance (Technicolor)
  • Demo Session (Unified Home Storage), Jean Le Roux (Technicolor)

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