Florestan De Moor

Florestan De Moor


Email: florestan.de-moor irisa.fr

Address: IRISA/Inria Rennes–Bretagne Atlantique
Equipe WIDE, Bureau E317
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes Cedex, FRANCE



I am interested in recommendation systems, not only from an algorithmic standpoint but also from a system perspective: my goal is to consider the whole workflow of the process, from data representation and data storage to model training and recommendations generation.

In this PhD thesis, we focus on real-time systems such as news recommenders and micro-blogging platforms which face tremendous dynamics. Thus, they must be able to quickly adapt to new trends and to incorporate the latest information in order to best satisfy their users.



  • Programmation Dirigée par la Syntaxe (PDS) : Travaux Pratiques (M1 SIF), ISTIC, 2019
  • Génie Logiciel (GEN) : Travaux Pratiques (L2), ISTIC, 2020


Publications from previous internships

  • Joseph Vinish D’silva, Florestan De Moor, Bettina Kemme: Making an RDBMS Data Scientist Friendly: Advanced In-database Interactive Analytics with Visualization Support. PVLDB 12(12): 1930-1933 (2019)
  • Joseph Vinish D’silva, Florestan De Moor, Bettina Kemme: Keep Your Host Language Object and Also Query it: A Case for SQL Query Support in RDBMS for Host Language Objects. SSDBM 2019: 133-144
  • Joseph Vinish D’silva, Florestan De Moor, Bettina Kemme: AIDA – Abstraction for Advanced In-Database Analytics. PVLDB 11(11): 1400-1413 (2018)
  • Antoine Boutet, Florestan De Moor, Davide Frey, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Antoine Rault: Collaborative Filtering Under a Sybil Attack: Similarity Metrics do Matter! DSN 2018: 466-477 (source code)


Find me on: Github | dblp | HAL-Inria

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