Year 2018

Oral Presentations:

  • B. Hejblum talk at the International Biometric Conference in Barcelona
  • D. Agniel talk at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Vancouver
  • B. Hejblum invited talk at the Genotoul Biostat Biofinfo day 2018 in Toulouse

Scientific progress:

  • Completed:
    • simulation study examplifying the lack of Type-I error and FDR control from state-of-the-art RNA-seq differential expression methods
    • varseq method for gene-wise analysis of bulk RNA-seq data
    • Effective FDR control method for discrete p-values arising from permutation tests (useful for small sample size studies)
    • implementation of the above method in the tcgsaseq package
  • Ongoing:
    • methods for the analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data
    • surrogacy analysis in high-dimensional setting for quantifying how much of the immune response can be explained from gene expression RNA-seq measurements in vaccine trials


  • SWAGR meeting at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica in July (10 days)

Student Supervision:

  • Master 2 thesis: Test en composante de variance pour l’analyse de données RNA-seq by Marine Gauthier

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