• Joint scientific articles
    • Agniel D & Hejblum BP, Variance component score test for time-course gene set analysis of longitudinal RNA-seq data, Biostatistics, 18(4):589–604, 2017. DOI: 10.1093/biostatistics/kxx005
    • Gauthier M, Agniel D, Thiébaut R & Hejblum B, dearseq: a variance component score test for RNA-Seq differential analysis that effectively controls the false discovery rate, bioRxiv, . DOI:
  • Joint oral presentations in international conferences :
    • Hejblum B, Gauthier M, Thiébaut R & Agniel D, Can you trust differential expression methods for RNA-seq data analysis ?, JSM 2019, Joint Statistical Meetings, Denver, 2019.
    • Agniel D & Hejblum B, A variance component score test for RNA-seq differential analysis in vaccine trials, JSM 2018, Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, 2018.
    • Hejblum B & Agniel D, Variance component score test for differential expression in RNAseq studies, IBC 2018, 29th International Biometric Conference, Barcelona, 2018.

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