Team presentation

The study of biology associates pattern recognition of diversity with modeling of functional and evolutionary processes. Pleiade addresses the double challenge
of measuring dissimilarity between biological objects quickly and precisely, and exploring the relations between diversity in traits and diversity in function at multiple scales. We develop algorithms, models, and software frameworks for applications in ecology, evolution, and biotechnology.

Research themes


  • Distances and pattern recognition
  • Hierarchical hybrid modeling
  • E-science


  • Genome and transcriptome annotation
  • Molecular-based systematics and taxonomy
  • Community ecology and population genetics

International and industrial relations

  • CRG/DIM University of Chile (hybrid modeling)
  • SLU Uppsala (lake ecosystems, metagenomics of diatoms, bioindication)
  • Russian Academy of Sciences (cell factories and biotechnology)
  • Labex CEBA (Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia)
  • BioLaffort (selection and genomics of oenological starters)
  • DGAC CAER (industrial consortium Alternative fuels for aeronautics)

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