Paris-Saclay CDS

The Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science (CDS) project develop methods and tools to extract information from “big data” for multi-disciplinary fields such as neuroscience, physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, environment or human sciences. The Paris-Saclay CDS is involved in several activities.

RAMP: Rapid Analytics and Model Prototyping

The RAMP is a versatile management and software tool for connecting at the University of Paris-Saclay data science to domain sciences, which is the main mission of the CDS.

Similarly to a data challenge, the data provider arrives with a prediction problem and a corresponding data set. An experienced data scientist then cleans and curates the data, formalises the problem and sets up the problem using the RAMP software. When the data science problem requires the mastering of a specific tool, the RAMP event can be preceded by a Training Sprint. Part of the Training Sprint can also be devoted to introducing the domain science problem, otherwise this introduction takes place at the beginning of the RAMP.

Workshop and training

The Paris-Saclay CDS organizes Software Carpentry and best coding practices training which provides short, intensive workshops that cover program design, version control, testing and task automation.

Open-source software development

The Paris-saclay CDS contributes in the development of open-source data-science softwares. Consult the PARIETAL webpage regarding the development of neuroscience related software.

scikit-learn is an open-source Python module for machine learning. The Paris-Saclay CDS is actively contributing to scikit-learn with the involvement Guillaume Lemaitre and Joris Van den Bossche.

pandas is an open source Python library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.
RAMP provides a way to setup data challenge in a rapid manner. It relies on the set of tools: RAMP SDK and RAMP kits.

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