Erven Rohou

Senior Researcher at Inria[Erven ROHOU]
Head of the PACAP Research Group

Research Interests

My research interests include aspects of static and just-in-time compilation, with a special focus on iterative compilation, split-compilation and bytecode binary formats. I am also interested in the interaction of compiler optimizations with architectural features and dynamic binary rewriting.


Google Scholar seems to maintain a good publication list.


  • During my PhD theses, I have been developing Salto, a retargetable framework for developing the whole spectrum of tools that manipulate assembly-language.
  • While at STMicroelectronics, we developed a GCC backend that targets the CLI format. CLI is a framework that defines a platform independent format for executables and a run-time environment for the execution of applications, better known as the base of Microsoft .NET.
    The code is available in the GCC repository, in the branch st/cli. See also
    Developement slowed down because of reduced manpower.
  • Tiptop a simple tool, very similar to the UNIX top utility, that displays the values of hardware performance counters associated to processes and threads.

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