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DL Journal Club: “Geometric deep learning on graphs and manifolds” digest by P. Borgnat after M. Bronstein’s talk

Friday, July 13th, 2018 at 1:30pm – IXXI Conference room M7 Pierre Borgnat will be giving a (simplified) presentation of the tutorial “Geometric deep learning on graphs and manifolds” done by Michael Bronstein at the Graph Signal Processing workshop held at EPFL, june 6–8, 2018 . We should prepare for “a mix of Convolutional Neural …

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Le Casse Museau

Le Casse Museau: 2 rue Chavanne, Lyon 69002 Tel: 04 78 39 26 12

L’artiste et le cuisinier

L’artiste et le cuisinier: 3 rue Belfort, Lyon 69004

We moved to Chez Moss…

Chez Moss: 2 rue Ferrandière, Lyon 69002. Tel: 04 78 42 04 09

Brasserie La Patrie

Brasserie La Patrie: 58 avenue Maréchal de Saxe, Lyon 69003. Tel: 04 78 60 02 20

Seminar David Meunier (CRNL)

Electro-physiological signal acquisition: Presentation of  experimental conditions and measures. Graph theory for studying neuro-imaging functional networks Date and place: Friday Dec. 4 at 9:30am. IXXI conference room (2nd floor).