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Sofian Maabout: Computation of Borders and Applications

14.00, Room 445 at PCRI Abstract Given a set of objects O and a boolean interest function q:2^O-> {true, false}, the border of 2^O is the set of extremal (minimal or maximal) subsets o of O s.t. q(o)=true. This concept is present in many contexts, e.g., maximal frequent itemsets, functional dependencies and partial matrialization of …

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Kostas Stefanidis: Contextual Database Preferences

14:00, Room 445 at PCRI Abstract As both the volume of data and the diversity of users accessing them increase, user preferences offer a useful means towards improving the relevance of the query results to the information needs of the specific user posing the query. In this talk, we will focus on enhancing preferences with …

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Jorge Quiane: Managing Very Large Datasets in a Cloudy World

15:45, Room 445 at PCRI Abstract Nowadays, many enterprises and organizations are faced with large volumes of data that have to be analyzed in a per-day basis. In particular, scientific datasets are growing at unprecedented rates and are likely to continue growing to the order of Exabytes. These current needs of data management require applications …

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Xiao Bai: Toward Distributed Search

14.00, Room 455 at PCRI Abstract The rapid increasing amount of data on the Web provides a huge source of information but makes efficient search more challenging. Distributing the search is appealing to improve both efficiency and scalability. In this talk, we first present, in the context of social tagging systems, two gossip-based approaches that …

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DanaC 2012: RDF Data Management in the Amazon Cloud

RDF Data Management in the Amazon Cloud by Francesca Bugiotti, François Goasdoué, Zoi Kaoudi, and Ioana Manolescu in the DanaC 2012 workshop (collocated with EDBT/ICDT 2012)

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PhD defense of Marina Sahakyan

14.00 University Paris-Sud 11, building 650 (PCRI), room 435 “Main Memory XML Update Optimization: algorithms and experiments” Abstract XML projection is one of the main adopted optimization techniques for reducing memory consumption in XQuery in-memory engines. The main idea behind this technique is quite simple: given a query Q over an XML document D, instead …

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Irini Fundulaki: Heuristic based Query Optimisation for SPARQL

14:00, Room 445 at PCRI Abstract During the last decade we have witnessed an increase in the amount of semantic data. The so called Web of Data extents the current Web to a global data space connecting data from diverse domains. A central issue in such setting is the efficient support for storing, querying, and manipulating semantic RDF data. …

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