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PhD defense of Mohamed-Amine Baazizi

10.30, room 435, PCRI Title: “Analyse statique pour l’optimisation des mises à jour de documents XML temporels” Abstract: The last decade has witnessed a rapid expansion of XML as a format for representing and exchanging data through the web.  In order to follow this evolution, many languages have been proposed to query, update or transform XML documents. …

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Asterios Katsifodimos: “ViP2P: Efficient XML Management in DHT Networks”

Asterios will do a rehearsal of the talk he will soon give at ICWE 2012 on Thursday, July 19, at 11am, at room 445. Abstract We consider the problem of efficiently sharing large volumes of XML data based on distributed hash table overlay networks. Over the last three years, we have built ViP2P (standing for …

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EIT ICT Labs MSDA 2013 accepted

The Massive Shared Data Applications activity, led by Sandro Battisti from Trento RISE, and to which we participate, is accepted for 2013.

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EIT ICT Labs Europa 2013 accepted

The Europa EIT ICT Labs activity, led by Volker Markl from TU Berlin, and to which we participate, is accepted for 2013.

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Stamatis Zampetakis gets an Inria scholarship

Stamatis has obtained an Inria CORDI scholarship for a three years PhD, starting in October 2012. Congrats!

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XLDI 2012: Typing Massive JSON Datasets

Typing Massive JSON Datasets by Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli and Carlo Sartiani in the First International Workshop on Cross-model Language Design and Implementation (XLDI 2012)

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IDEAS 2012: Partitioning XML Documents for Iterative Queries

Partitioning  XML Documents for Iterative Queries by Nicole Bidoit, Dario Colazzo, Noor Malla and Carlo Sartiani in IDEAS 2012

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PhD defense of Konstantinos Karanasos

11.00, room 455, PCRI Title: “View-Based Techniques for the Efficient Management of Web Data” Abstract: Data is being published in digital formats at very high rates nowadays. A large share of this data has complex structure, typically organized as trees (Web documents such as HTML and XML being the most representative) or graphs (in particular, …

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Alin Deutsch: Policy-Aware Sender Anonymity in Location Based Services

14.00, room 455, PCRI Abstract Sender anonymity in location-based services (LBS) attempts to hide the identity of a mobile device user who sends requests to the LBS provider for services in her proximity (e.g. “find the nearest gas station” etc.). The goal is to keep the requester’s interests private even from attackers who (via hacking …

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Oak day at Château de Dampierre

The first “Oak day” took place at Château de Dampierre on June 22, 2012. Here is the schedule of the day: 9h30     Welcome coffee + pastry 10h00   Overview of the last year (Nicole + Ioana) [slides] Restructuring, arrivals, departures Who does what: responsibilities within the team, Paris Sud, Inria etc. 10h15   Melanie …

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