Yannis Papakonstantinou: Ajax-based Report Pages as Incrementally Rendered Views

By Yannis Papakonstantinou, UC San Diego
Joint work with Yupeng Fu, Keith Kowalczykowski, Kian Win Ong, Kevin Keliang Zhao

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club)


While Ajax-based programming enables faster performance and higher interface quality over pure server-side programming, it is demanding and error prone as each action that partially updates the page requires custom, ad-hoc code.

The problem is exacerbated by distributed programming between the browser and server, where the developer uses JavaScript to access the page state and Java/SQL for the database. The FORWARD framework simplifies the development of Ajax pages by treating them as rendered views, where the developer declares a view using an extension of SQL and page units, which map to the view and render the data in the browser. Such a declarative approach leads to significantly less code, as the framework automatically solves performance optimization problems that the developer would otherwise hand-code. Since pages are fueled by views, FORWARD leverages years of database research on incremental view maintenance by creating optimization techniques appropriately extended for the needs of pages (nesting, variability, ordering), thereby achieving performance comparable to hand-coded JavaScript/Java applications.

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