Dimitri Theodoratos: Processing and Efficient Evaluation of Generalized Tree-Pattern Queries

14:00, Room G008 (Parc Club)


Current applications export and exchange XML data on the web. Usually, XML data are queried using keyword queries or using the standard structured query language XQuery whose core consists of the navigational query language XPath. In this context, one major challenge is the querying of the data when the structure of the data sources is complex or not fully known to the user.

Another challenge is the integration of multiple data sources that export data with structural differences and irregularities. In order to deal with these challenges, we consider a query language for XML which generalizes and strictly contains Tree-Pattern Queries (TPQs) and can express a broad structural fragment of XPath. Because of the expressive power and flexibility of this language, processing and evaluating queries pose new problems.

In this presentation, we will discuss recent results with respect to these issues.

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