ControlHub is a software platform in early stage development and aiming at collaborative research and experimentation in the field of automatic control. The driving idea is to interconnect a group of actors (researchers, engineers, etc.) around a control problem and grant them remote access to existing experimental facilities. The platform architecture relies on three key principles: 1) Problem centric (the control problem to be solved is the core project, whereas the available software resources, tools and online experiments are web services); 2) Separation of concerns (setup and maintenance of experimental facilities, installation of software tools, problem formulation and theoretical analysis, etc.); 3) Resource sharing (software packages, experimental facilities, open problems). The main expected features of the platform are: Model-based simulation, rapid controller prototyping and open architecture. ControlHub relies on WebLab-Deusto for managing experiments, and users.

SLIM (Software Library for cooperative Multi-robots) is a ROS package (Robot Operating System)
combining some of the algorithms (localization, path planning and robust control) developed by Non-A, and offers a simple and complete software library for the cooperation of multi-robots. The following functionalities have been implemented in the package: Optimal local planner based on flatness; Plugin for communication between different ROS cores; Module Multi-Mapping for robot cooperation; Plugin for YEI IMU. See also the video.

BLIMP is a homemade prototype for experimenting and demonstrating control algorithms for autonomous airship. The developed blimp demonstrator was built from scratch and consists of two main domains: Blimp electronic board (Arduino controller board: sensors, actuators and com management; Sensors: camera, IMU, range (ultrasonic); Actuators: Three DC motors with their drivers; Communication: ZigBee link) and Base station computer (Qt-based application for manoeuvring the blimp and displaying sensors data; ROS integration via dedicated ROS package; Matlab interface for controller design; OptiTrack integration for camera-based indoor localization). See also the video.

Neural spike sorting: Matlab program implementing the spike sorting method presented in,
Z. Tiganj and M. Mboup, Neural spike sorting using iterative ICA and deflation based approach, in J. Neural Eng. 9 (2012) 066002