The IPL COSY has been launched!

Inria Project Labs‘ initiatives enable the launch of ambitious research projects directly linked with the institute. ‘COSY’ stands for “Real-time control of synthetic microbial communities” and aims at exploiting the potential of state-of-art biological modelling, control techniques, synthetic biology and experimental equipment to achieve a paradigm shift in control of microbial communities. A highly interdisciplinary consortium joining microbiologists, control theorists, bioinformaticians, biophysicists, and applied mathematicians will provide the diverse competences required by the endeavor.
Inria teams: Biocore, Commands, Ibis, Lifeware, Non-A.
Other teams: Biop (CNRS), Maiage (INRA), YoukLab (T.U. Delft)
Project manager: Eugenio Cinquemani (Ibis)

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