Upcoming team seminars

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Date Time Speaker Place Title
12/09/19 10:30 Stéphane Level C005 LORIA Introduction of semantic information in speech recognition
12/09/19 11:10 Manuel Pariente C005 LORIA A Statistically Principled and Computationally Efficient Approach to Speech Enhancement using Variational Autoencoders
26/09/19 10:30 Nicolas Furnon C005 LORIA Compressing Neural Networks
26/09/19 11:10 Raphaël Duroselle C005 LORIA Representation Learning in Limited Data Settings
10/10/19 10:30 Sandipana Dowerah C005 LORIA Speech Recognition and Machine Translation: From Statistical Decison Theory to Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks
10/10/19 11:10 Adrien Dufraux C005 LORIA Mathematics and Deep Learning
17/10/19 10:30 Ioannis Douros C005 LORIA Deep learning for biomedicine
17/10/19 11:10 Sara Dahmani C005 LORIA Explainable Artificial Intelligence
24/10/19 10:30 Ajinkya Kulkarni C005 LORIA Generative Modelling: Autoregressive and Normalizing Flows
24/10/19 11:10 Manuel Pariente C005 LORIA TBA