Hunting Echoes for Auditory Scene Analysis

Orateur : Diego DI CARLO

Date : le 21 mars 2019 à 10h30 – C005

Résumé :

Did you remember the Marvel’s movie about the superhero Daredevil? He is blind, but thanks to an enhanced hearing he become
a radar-man: he can visualize the sound propagation and so retrieve an image of the surrounding space. This is done blindly,
that is without emitting a known signals, which is main different from the animal echolocation.
Can machines do this?
Early reflections are sounds that arrive at the listener after being reflected maybe once or twice from walls, ceilings and furniture.
They arrive later than the so-called direct path but earlier than the full reverberation phenomenon. The early reflection give to the
animals’ brain information about the space geometry and materials properties.
In my presentation I will explain how the early reflections can be exploited to enhance typical audio signal processing techniques,
why it is important to take them into account and how we can estimate them in a simple -yet common- scenario.