IsamDAE: An implicit Structural Analysis tool for multimode DAE systems

IsamDAE is a software library for testing new structural analysis algorithms for multimode DAE systems, based on an implicit representation of incidence graphs, matchings between equations and variables, and block decompositions. The input of the software is a variable dimension multimode DAE system consisting in a set of guarded equations and variable declarations. It computes a mode-dependent structural index-reduction of the multimode system and produces a mode-dependent scheduling of blocks of equations. The mode-dependent structure of a model is represented using binary decision diagrams (BDD) and the whole structural analysis reduces to computations on BDDs. This allows to avoid enumerating modes when carrying out the structural analysis of multimode DAE systems.

IsamDAE is at the moment under proprietary licence and is only available upon request. It is coded in OCaml, and uses the following packages:

  • MLBDD by Arlen Cox,
  • Pprint by François Pottier.

IsamDAE can be tested online, as a web-service, for non-commercial purpose only.

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