The ModeliScale Inria Project Lab focuses on the modeling, simulation and analysis of large cyber-physical systems. It federates the research activities of several teams, covering a broad spectrum of topics, namely hybrid systems modeling & verification, numerical analysis, programming language design and automatic control. Our research agenda includes the following tracks:

  • New compilation techniques for Modelica modelers: structural analysis of multimode DAE (Differential Algebraic Equations) systems, modular compilation, combining state-machines and non-smooth dynamical systems (complementarity dynamical systems and Filippov differential inclusions), contract-based specification of cyber-physical systems requirements, requirements capture using under-/over-determined DAE systems.

  • Simulation of large cyber-physical systems: distributed simulation, discretization methods for non-smooth dynamical systems, space-/time-adaptive discretization methods for multimode DAE systems, quantized state solvers (QSS).

  • Guaranteed numerics: guaranteed simulation of non-smooth and hybrid dynamical systems, numerical methods preserving invariant properties of hybrid systems, contract-based reasoning methods.

More about the ModeliScale IPL: Challenges and Objectives

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