On-going and past projects of MICROCOSME:

  • GERM: (2022-2025), Inria équipes associées
  • AnaComBa: Analysis of bacterial communities: stochastic modelling (2021-2024), Équipe-Action PERSYVAL-lab
  • Ctrl-AB: Optimization and control of the productivity of an algal-bacterial consortium (2020-2024), ANR
  • MOSTIC: Stochastic modelling and inference for cell communities in interaction (2020-2022), IXXI
  • OPTICO : OPTImal COntrol software for microbial communities in a system of minibioreactors (2019-2021), Inria ADT
  • RIB-ECO (RIBonucleotide ECOnomy): Engineering RNA life cycle to optimize economy of microbial energy (2018-2022), ANR
  • MuSE: MUlti-Omics and Metabolic models integration to study growth transition in Escherichia coli (2018-2020), IXXI/BioSyl
  • Maximic: Optimal control of microbial cells by natural and synthetic strategies (2017-2021), ANR
  • CoSoft: Control software for a system of mini-bioreactors (2017-2018), Inria ADT
  • COSY: Real-time control of synthetic microbial communities (2017-2021), Inria Project Lab
  • FluoBacTracker: Adaptation et valorisation scientifique du logiciel FluoBacTracker (2016-2017), InriaHub
  • MEMIP : Mixed-effect models for cellular processes: methods, tools, and applications applications (2016-2020), ANR
  • ENZINVIVO : In-vivo determination of enzymatic parameters in a synthetic metabolic pathway (2016-2020), ANR
  • WellInverter: A web application for the analysis of time-series fluorescent reporter gene data (2016-2017), Development of innovative bioinformatics services for life sciences, Institut Français de Bioinformatique (IFB)
  • RESET : Arrest and restart of the gene expression machinery in bacteria : from mathematical models to biotechnological applications (2012-2017), Investissements d’Avenir, Bioinformatique

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