Hélène Barucq

Directrice de Recherches Inria

Chef de l’équipe-projet MAGIQUE-3D

email : helene.barucq@inria.fr
Tel : +33 5 59 40 75 40


Direct and Inverse Problems related to wave propagation phenomena

I am essentially interested in the numerical simulation of the propagation of waves and I contribute in particular to the construction of new absorbing conditions. I work on time-dependent and stationary equations and I mainly focus on systems which are approximated by finite-element methods. I have active collaborations with the oil company TOTAL for the development of software packages for the seismic imaging in the framework of DIP partnership that I created in 2009 with Henri Calandra (Total).

Artificial Boundary Conditions

Key words:
Pseudodifferential calculus, Absorbing Boundary Conditions, Multipliers method, Long-time behavior, TTI media, conducting porous media.

Numerical methods for the numerical simulation of wave propagation

Key words:
Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, High Order Time schemes, Locally implicit time schemes, Upscaling, Tent Pitching, Trefftz approximation, hybrid numerical methods

Inverse Problems

Key words:
Time harmonic wave problems, Full waveform inversion, Fréchet differientiability, Elasto-acoustic systems, Reverse Time Migration, Eigenvector decomposition

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