Joachim Niehren (INRIA)

Permanent researchers


Phd Students


  • Rustam Azimov (PhD student from St. Petersburg)


  • Jérémie Dusart



  • Nicolas Bacquey (2016-18) did his postdoc in the Colis project.
  • Vincent Hugot did his Postdoc in Links on Tree Transducers for Verifying Linux Installation Scripts (2013-17). He is now Assistant Professor in the LIFO lab, teaching at the INSA in Bourges.
  • Adrien Boiret did his PhD thesis in Links (2017). After a year of postdoc in Warsovie, he is now on postdoc in Mons.
  • Pierre Bourhis was a researcher of Links from 2013-17. He is now in Spirals.
  • Tom Sebastian did his Phd in 2016 in Links on XML stream processing. He now develops banking software at Transaction Factory.
  • Michele Linardi worked as an engineer in Links in 2015.
  • Guillaume Bagan worked as a postdoc and engineer in Links from 2012-15. He is now a research engineer of the CNRS in Lyon.
  • Angela Bonifati  was professor in Links from 2013-15. She then moved to Lyon.
  • Radu Ciucanu did his PhD in Links 2015. After a postdoc in Oxford, he is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Clermont-Ferrand.
  • Denis Debarbieux engineer who working with on XML streaming in a transfer project with Innovimax (2010-14). He then joined Norsys.
  • Grégoire Laurence did his PhD in Links, defended 2014 and now works as an engineer in the Lille area.
  • Antoine Ndione defended his PhD in Links 2014. He is now an engineer of the Amadeus company in Sophia-Antipolis.
  • Pavel Labath did his PhD thesis in co-supervision Lille-Bratislava in 2015. He is now working for Google in London.

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