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SOFA training days, 15-19 October 2012

A Sofa training session will take place 15-19 October 2012 in Grenoble for registered people.



  • Monday
    • 9:30 Welcome
    • 10:00 Principles of SOFA
    • 11:50 Lunch
    • 13:15-17:00 Hands-on: designing SOFA scenes
  • Tuesday: Specific topics
    • 9:00 GUI and viewers, Hannah Carbonnier
    • 9:40 Image plugin, Benjamin Gilles
    • 10:20 break
    • 10:30 Mesh data structures, Brina Goyette
    • 11:10 Collision pipeline, Olivier Carré
    • 11:50 lunch
    • 13:15 Solvers, François Faure & Christian Duriez
    • 14:00 Haptics, Christian Duriez
    • 14:45 break
    • 15:00 Scripting using Python, Bruno Carrez
    • 15:45 Test Suite, François Faure
  • Wednesday
    • 09h00-11:50, 13:15-17:00 Creation of a plugin
  • Thursday, Friday: Free work on personal projects


The SOFA Training session will start at 9:30 am in Room A-008 of the ENSIMAG building in front of INRIA Montbonnot, the full address is :

ZIRST 51, avenue Jean Kuntzmann


Using the public transport from GRENOBLE train station ( ~ 50 min) :

– The tram station is located on your right when getting out of the train station. Take the tram B heading to “Gières – Plaine des sports”. Get off at the tram stop “Bibliothèque Universitaire”, you will see a bus station on your left, take the bus 6070 heading to “Bernin”. Get off at the bus stop “INRIA” and follow the map above.


– The bus station is located directly on your left when getting out of the train station. Take the bus “Express 1” heading to “Lumbin”. Get off at the bus stop “Pré de l’eau”, walk along the road “Route de la doux” for a few meters and cross it in order to take the bus 6070 heading to “Gieres”. Get off at the bus stop “INRIA” and follow the map above.


Please install SOFA on your laptop using these directions.