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Eurographics 2017

Interactive paper tearing

Camille Schreck1,  Damien Rohmer1,2,  Stefanie Hahmann1
1Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS (LJK), Inria.
2CPE Lyon, Univ. Lyon.


We propose an efficient method to model paper tearing in the context of interactive modeling. The method uses geometrical information to automatically detect potential starting points of tears. We further introduce a new hybrid geometrical and physical-based method to compute the trajectory of tears while procedurally synthesizing high resolution details of the tearing path using a texture based approach. The results obtained are compared with real paper and with previous studies on the expected geometric paths of paper that tears.     Keywords: paper tearing, virtual paper, developable surfaces, modelling, animation.


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Eurographics 2017,  Computer Graphics Forum 36 (2), pp. 95-106 (2017).

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