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How to reach Inria from Lille Center

See below for indications on how to reach Lille

  • From station “Lille Europe” (35mn):
    • Subway line 2 direction Lomme
    •  Exit 1 station later at “Gare Lille Flandres”
    • Follow indications from station “Lille Flandres”
  • From station “Lille Flandres” (30mn):
    •  Subway line 1 direction: “Quatre cantons”
    • Exit at the last station, which is “Quatre cantons”
    • 5mn walks from Inria
    •  Be careful: this is outside the campus (See map bellow)

How to reach Lille

  • From Brussels international airport
      From the airport, there is a shuttle to reach Brussels Downtown. Trains for Lille leaves from ‘Brussels Midi’ station (or Brussels Zuid in Flammish) .
      Then, you may take either a TGV (usually heading to Paris or south of France) or an eurostar (Heading to London).
      If you can, prefer the TGV because there is no additional control. For Eurostar, you have to show up 30 min in advance to go through the custom control again because the train goes to England which in not in Shenghen.
      Then, it takes 30 min to reach Lille.
  • From Brussels Charleroi airport
      There is a direct shuttle from Charleroi to Lille Europe Train station.
      Please visit the website to book your tickets.
      Prices are very interesting.
  • From Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
      There is a train station in Terminal 2. Please go there. It should be signed ‘Gare TGV’, ‘Trains grandes lignes’ or ‘Train Station’. There, take a TGV (Express train) directly to Lille. It should take between 45 min and 1 hour.
  • From Paris Orly airport
      Take the shuttle called OrlyVal at the airport. It will take you to the RER B. Take RER B in direction ‘Aéroport Charles de Gaulle’ and get off at ‘Paris Nord’. Here, take a TGV to Lille. It should take you 1 hour to reach Lille from Paris Nord.
  • From London
      Take an Eurostar. This is direct from London to Lille Europe train station.

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