Self-Organizing Future Ubiquitous Networks (FUN)

”Imagine a world where every object has the capacity to communicate with its environment. Everything can be both analogue and digitally approached – reformulates our relationship with objects things- as well as the objects themselves. Any object [. . . ] relates not only to you, but also [. . . ] to other objects, relations or values in a database. In this world, you are no longer alone, anywhere.” (Internet of Things council).


FUN members imagine self-organization solutions for future wireless sensor, actuator and RFID networks to allow those kinds of networks to self-deploy, to every entity to discover, to communicate, to know when to spleep, when to transmit, etc. Solutions are validated through experiments.

Mobile wireless robotsWireless sensor

Research themes

  • Toward heterogeneous networks

How to make wireless sensor and actuator and RFID networks work together and interact in a transparent and standard compliant way.

  • Toward realistic networks

Validate every solution through experimentation and learn from these for later enhancements.