Fibres, ribbons and feathers: 3 papers to be presented at ACM Siggraph 2024!

In 2024 the ELAN team will present three papers at ACM Siggraph 2024 in Denver:

  • Fibres (TOG paper): a new exact detection scheme between two smooth curves, which removes spurrious artifacts in contact forces with fibres assemblies. Our algorithm is particularly well-suited for the super-helix discretisation of Kirchhoff thin elastic rods, and for spline-like fibres models.
  • Ribbons (TOG paper): a mixed position-curvature numerical model for static thin elastic ribbons represented as a 1D physical model (inextensible or slightly extensible), which preserves the quadratic convergence of curvature-based models while retrieving the linear time complexity of low-order models, hence offering an excellent compromise in terms of precision vs. efficiency. Joint work with S. Neukirch (Sorbonne Université, Paris).
  • Feathers (Conference paper): a macroscopic, linear anisotropic membrane formulation of a feather, directly inspired from our lab experiments. The physical model is simple but leads to numerical ill-conditioning due to extreme anisotropy: this is dealt with using an oriented mesh and inextensible constraints. Validation is performed against lab experiments and simulations performed at the mesoscale. Joint work with R. Narain (IIT Delhi) and T. Kim (Yale).

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