• [2014-2019] ERC GUDHI: Geometric Understanding in Higher Dimensions
  • [2013-2017] ANR TopData: Topological Data Analysis: Statistical Methods and Inference

Transfer and industrial research

  •  Fujitsu: Collaborative Research Project between Fujitsu and DataShape on Topological Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Sysnav: CIFRE Ph.D. student Bertrand Beaufils, co-advised by Frédéric Chazal, Bertrand Michel and by Marc Grelet from Sysnav.
  • Sysnav: DataShape and Sysnav have been selected for the ANR-DGA challenge MALIN (Maitrise de la localisation Indoor).
  • MetaFora: PhD student Louis Pujol, co-advised by Marc Glisse and Pascal Massart, on TDA and high-dimensional statistics.

INRIA associate teams

  • [2015-2017] EA CATS: Computations And Topological Statistics

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