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Research school on Data Mining : Statistical Modeling and Learning from Data

11-15 January, ENS Lyon site Monod, Amphi B, 9:30-16:45 Teachers: Ciro Cattuto, Laetitia Gauvin et André Panisson (ISI Torino) Local contact: Márton Karsai ( The main page of the course can be found here. The course aims to provide basic skills for analysis and statistical modeling of data, with special attention to machine learning both …

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Seminar: How accurate are the detected communities in Real Networks? by José Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin

Date: 23rd November 2015 between 14:00 and 15:00 Place: ENS de Lyon / Salle de Conseils (site Monod 2nd floor) Title: How accurate are the detected communities in Real Networks? Abstract: The Internet is composed of routing devices connected between them and organized into independent administrative entities: the Autonomous Systems. The existence of different types …

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Seminar David Meunier (CRNL)

Electro-physiological signal acquisition: Presentation of  experimental conditions and measures. Graph theory for studying neuro-imaging functional networks Date and place: Friday Dec. 4 at 9:30am. IXXI conference room (2nd floor).

Seminar: Causal Graphs applied to Network Science by Hadrien HOURS

Date: Friday, October the 9th at 10AM Place: Salle des Conseils Monod, ENS de lyon, (2nd floor) Title:Causal Graphs applied to Network Science Abstract: Since the adoption of the Internet telecommunication networks world-wide, in the 90’s, the landscape of telecommunication networks has evolved very fast. The number of actors participating in its performance and the …

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Seminar: Choosing amongst heterogeneous servers with applications to cloud computing by Ravi Mazumdar

Date: Wednesday the 8th of July, Place: ENS de Lyon, Amphi B Title: Choosing amongst heterogeneous servers with applications to cloud computing Summary : Many cloud systems such as the Amazon EC2 provide resources for clients to use. These resources are shared between many tasks. A natural model is to use a processor sharing. In this …

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(Français) Ecole d’été resCom : SmartCITIES

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Seminar: Analysis of Large-scale systems: Information Theory & combinatorial optimisation

Date:  lundi 20 avril 2015 à 14:00 Lieu: Salle IXXI GN Nord 207 Titre: Analyse multi-échelles des systèmes complexes : théorie de l’information et optimisation combinatoire Résumé : Entre causalités microscopiques et phénomènes émergents, l’analyse des systèmes complexes ne peut véritablement se passer d’une approche multi-échelles. Nous abordons en particulier deux problèmes : celui de la représentation (multi-échelles) de données …

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Keynote & panel @ SENSORNETS 2015

: First Class IoT Open Experimental Testbed   In this talk, we present a precise description IoT-LAB. IoT-LAB provides a very large scale infrastructure facility suitable for testing small wireless sensor devices and heterogeneous communicating objects. IoT-LAB features over 2700 wireless sensor nodes spread across six different sites in France.  Nodes are either fixed or mobile …

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Séminar: Learning to Predict End-to-End Network Performance by Yongjun Liao

Date:  Monday 9th February 2014 at 10:00AM Room: IXXI Abstract: We will present learning approaches to predicting end-to-end network performance such as round-trip time and available bandwidth. The key is to formulate the prediction problem as a problem of matrix completion. A novel concept is the rating of network paths, i.e. acquiring quantized measures of path …

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Research school on Big Data

Date: January 19-23, 2015 École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Teaching team: Alain Barrat, Bruno Goncalves, Nicolas Schabanel   More information on the school web site: